What’s wrong with Manufacturing ERP?

ERP has been the backbone of the IT business system for manufacturing companies for more than 20 years.  It’s grown from basic order processing, inventory management, and accounting to cover more business processes than it was ever intended for.

And that’s where the problems begin. 


Manufacturers like you have challenged the breadth of ERP with new business processes that go beyond the walls of your company to include your customers, suppliers, and co-manufacturers. Keeping pace has meant technology overhauls, customizations, and specialty apps. All this has lead to an uphill battle for your IT department—disruptive upgrades and technology transitions; complicated, costly implementations, customizations, and integration projects; a constant state of technology flux, as your ERP system struggles to keep up with your rapidly changing business requirements.


One thing is certain: You’re under greater pressure than ever before. As a result, your business requirements are changing constantly.

IDC Manufacturing Insights recently conducted a worldwide study of over 700 small and medium-sized enterprises in the discrete manufacturing industry across four sectors and in eight countries. According to this study, European and North American manufacturers believe that achieving operational excellence has become more complex.  The pressure to reduce costs and improve productivity is a top priority, and perfecting the customer experience from bid to fulfillment is a critical business need. Respondents in China reported the same priorities and concerns, but also reported struggling with handling demand volatility and planning, complying with regulations, and inadequate IT systems.

So, how do we fix it?

 . . . by making your ERP system more user-friendly, more connected, more flexible, more cost effective, and better tailored to your business. Easier said than done, you say? We don’t agree.

Its time to put an end to rigid, limited, overpriced, complicated ERP solutions. You deserve business software that’s the right size and shape for your business.

You need a solution that lets you focus on serving your customers, driving costs out of manufacturing, and growing revenue, not struggling with your ERP systems and adding to your complexity worries.

You’re literally betting your business when you choose a business software system. If you make a bad choice, you’ll live with the costs and consequences for years. You need to know that you’re choosing a system that you can trust through all possible business conditions— a system that can grow with you.

You also need to work with a partner that knows the demands of your business down to the finest detail and is totally committed to your success. You need a partner with a solid and proven track record of innovating, delivering, and supporting customers in your industry.

Let’s forget what we think we know about ERP and look at how a new approach and new technology can change things.

Have a look at our short video demo to see what you may be missing: