Barcoding - So Easy, You Already Do It, Don't You?


Manufacturers, its time we take a serious look at barcoding. Think about it, every time you visit a grocery store you see dozens of people scanning their own groceries.  Why?  Because it's faster.

The age old adage of "time is money" is happening right in front of you, and it's not limited to grocery stores anymore either - I've even seen people using barcode scanners at the lumber store.

This begs the question - why aren't we?

The technology is so easy to use.

The average person running in and out of a grocery store for a loaf of bread can walk up to a self check out station, receive absolutely no instruction from a store attendant, and operate the scanner with perfection.

"Blip, blip, blip" goes the milk, eggs, and bacon as the shopper locates each barcode, scans each item, and reads the digital display to confirm each successful scan.  You might even see some of the more seasoned self checkout shoppers (gasp) look up the PLU on the produce rolodex for the bananas they're buying too!  All without receiving one ounce of training

They must be rocket scientists, right?!

All kidding aside, barcoding is truly that simple to use and you should seriously be considering implementing it in your warehouse or shop floor, because the savings are tremendous.

I recently read through Zebra's white paper on the profits and productivity of barcoding.  I found that the average worker, much like your average shopper at the grocery store, could be saving some seriously valuable time - which could be saving you some seriously valuable money.


Here's an excerpt from the white paper that will help explain:

"Lets suppose, then, that a company's workers spend the conservative figure of 10 minutes a day searching for and gathering needed items.  They would lose the equivalent of one full 40-hour workweek per year.  To visualize if the ineffective asset management is a mere inconvenience of a drain on profitability, consider the example below."


How many employee's do you have on your shop floor?  10, 20, 50, 100?  Multiply that number by $1000 and that's how much money all that waiting is costing you, every year

It's recommended to have that problem solved immediately.  There are a number of barcode solutions out there - pick the one that's right for you and stop the monetary bleeding. 

Remember the grocery store?  You don't want to be the one stuck in line, waiting around, while your competition passes you by going "blip, blip, blip"...

To find out more about the benefits of barcoding and other barcode solutions for the warehouse and shop floor, take a look at Zebra's white paper by clicking below.  Then ask yourself - why aren't we doing this?