Infor SyteLine ERP for Aerospace & Defense Manufacturers

Survival of the... fastest? fittest? leanest? - Think Again...

“The share of contract dollars awarded using fixed price contracts grew, at a faster rate than cost-based contract awards, mixed contracts with a cost reimbursed component has see an increase and a decrease again in 2010.”
-CSIS (Center for Strategic International Studies)
"...2009 Presidential Memo calling for more use of fixed-price contracting across government."
-CSIS (Center for Strategic International Studies)
Moody’s says defense companies that face the most potential margin pressure are experiencing “operational inefficiencies” which could get worse as “they scale back or wind down programs.”

By optimizing key manufacturing processes, Infor Aerospace & Defense is driving operational efficiency, control, product quality, and profitability for leading aerospace companies around the world.


Increasingly, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), contractors, and suppliers in the aerospace industry find themselves in a tailspin in an uncertain economic environment. Given the daunting challenges of growing competition, escalating energy and raw material costs, fixed-priced contracts, market unpredictability, and security issues, running a profitable business has become harder than ever.

To spark greater efficiency, control, and profitability in the face of skyrocketing costs and complexities, the most successful aerospace companies recognize the need for a flexible IT infrastructure— one that helps them develop intimate customer relationships to ensure new or follow-on contracts and greater market share, while managing their global supply chain more efficiently and upgrading logistical control and field maintenance resources.

"We now have a better understanding of inventory and order demand. Raw material purchasing is improved since we can utilize economic order quantities and better schedule our orders." -Charlie Frampton, Director of Operations, Skills Inc.

Aerospace and Defense Manufacturers -Master complexity and achieve profitable growth:


Drawing on 20 years of embedded experience partnering with leading aerospace companies and their global supply chains, Infor™ has a proven track record of supporting the needs of this volatile industry. We offer business-specific solutions tailored especially for aerospace companies to help ensure that their IT infrastructure aligns with their business strategy.

Infor SyteLine ERP for Aerospace & Defense comes with industry experience built in to lower our customers' total cost of ownership. Better yet, these scalable solutions help companies like yours meet enterprise-wide business challenges faster and more cost-effectively.

That's because we build on your existing infrastructure, allowing you to eliminate lengthy, expensive implementations. Infor Aerospace can also help you sustain competitive differentiation, despite increasing complexity and costs, by providing proven tools to:

• Strengthen customer responsiveness and service.
• Gain better visibility into key operating information.
• Streamline manufacturing processes.
• Increase supply chain integration.
• Accelerate time to market.
• Improve sourcing.
• Expand service and repair.

"The lightweight, easy to install and configure Infor ION produced a quick return on investment; ION ensures that our applications operate together seamlessly to execute business processes." -John Vaughan, Senior Vice President and CIO, Pride Industries


Running a successful aerospace business is challenging. By helping leading companies in the industry make major improvements in their response to customer demand and volatile market dynamics, Infor Aerospace is positioning them to drive efficiency and profitability. Not only that, this feature-rich solution enables them to sharpen their competitive edge by meeting their goals faster, even while confronting escalating costs and market complexity.
Infor Aerospace implements quickly, so our customers see a quicker time to value—yet another reason why it's the solution of choice for original equipment manufacturers, contractors, and suppliers in the aerospace environment.

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