Why Other Manufacturers Buy ERP

Over the years, Software Advice has spoken to thousands of manufacturing software buyers. As a point of reference, they thought it would be helpful to provide potential buyers with an overview of past clients' pain points and reasons for switching to a new software system. Key questions analyzed by the report include:

+ What method do you currently use to track manufacturing processes?
+ What are the top reasons for a manufacturing software purchase?
+ What is your top application requirements?

Where Are You Today?

The specific type of system you need depends on what kind of company you are, what problems you’re experiencing, or what objectives you set. The evaluation criteria for an ideal ERP system are support, flexibility, functional fit, maturity, and continuity.  Leading organizations perceive ERP as a vital tool for competing, as it integrates dispersed organizational systems and enables flawless transactions and production.

Here are a few common situations in which buyers find themselves:

+You’re looking to consolidate applications into a single system.

+You run a subsidiary manufacturing division of a larger company.

+You need to improve one process (e.g. shop floor operations).

+You’re a small manufacturer.

+You’re a job shop or process manufacturer with unique needs.


Benefits of Manufacturing Applications

Some of the specific benefits of implementing a manufacturing solution include:

  • Better planning and resource allocation.
  • Greener operations.
  • Support for lean manufacturing.
  • Producing compliance documentation.

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