A perfect recipe for manufacturing success

Matt Lebon uncovers the American manufacturing companies spitting in the eye of recession, and the tried and tested techniques behind their success in his four part series found here: http://ow.ly/ikBxw

In his article, he references Godlan's own Ron Clontz:

"We have already covered employees and strategies for standing out in the marketplace in weeks one and two.

This week our focus is on improving operational efficiency, digitally, physically and mentally.

Use software as a competitive weapon

Ron Clontz, VP of Sales at Godlan, has done consulting work with thousands of companies. Godlan’s clients range from companies making $5 million in sales to those exceeding $1 billion.

Godlan ranks companies according to three generations:

  • First generation represents companies that use pen and paper and/or Excel to run production
  • Second generation covers companies that use ERP software, but only in a limited way
  • Third generation use cutting-edge software, sometimes custom-made.
Godlan helps manufacturers become third generation companies and to use software as a competitive weapon."