Infor SyteLine ERP for Custom Vehicle and Water Craft Manufacturers

Offer More Value

There’s more to successfully building automotive specialty vehicles and custom watercraft than merely working closely with your customers on custom configurations. Not only do you need to get the configurations right, you also need to make sure you price them accurately based on the configurations and options. You also need to be able to efficiently manage your assembly-line process by bringing the right parts together at the right place and at the right time—which includes working closely with your suppliers to make sure you get the necessary materials and components where and when you need them in the right sequence. Additionally, you must ensure that you meet all industry and government safety standards, have early-warning systems in place, and are prepared for the possibility of a recall.

"It (Infor ERP SyteLine) helps us see sales trends so that we can target markets and know where to invest sales and marketing in the future." —Debi Piccus, CIO, Duramax Marine


Deploy and Adapt Quickly

At Infor™, we understand that the automotive specialty vehicle and custom watercraft industries aren't like all other industries. We’ve created a solution suite that’s tailored to the specific needs of companies like yours.

Infor SyteLine ERP for Specialty Vehicle and Custom Watercraft Builders includes all the capabilities to manage the unique processes built in, not bolted on. So what does that mean for you? Faster deployments and fewer modifications. You get up and running more quickly, with fewer disruptions to your business. Upgrades are faster, too. So you can quickly adapt your business processes to the rapid changes of the industry.

"Infor ERP plays an important part in our overall corporate strategy to continue growing in our core business and diversify into new markets." —Michael Chetcuti, CEO, Quality Metalcraft, Inc.


• Easily manage complex vehicle, boat, yacht & other configurations.
• Reduce time to delivery. 
• Increase customer satisfaction.
• Increase customer retention.
• Increase aftermarket sales and service.
• Control costs.
• Better manage supply chain risks.
• Streamline assembly operations.

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