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The benefits of cloud architecture

The benefits of cloud architecture

Chances are, if you’re like most business people, you think that running non-mission-critical, non-real-time processes on the cloud makes sense. Things like back-office operations, HR, and sales force automation all seem like worthy candidates for the cloud. But what about your core industry processes—the applications that make or break your business, like your ERP system, your EAM system, your SCM system, your financial management system? Have you thought about running those, at least partly, in the cloud? Or are you afraid the cloud isn’t robust enough, trustworthy enough, or capable enough to handle the applications that you rely on every day?

This technical paper describes how Infor offers secure choices for companies—those who already have significant investments in on-premises applications, but want to build on that investment with cloud technology, and those who want the economics of a predominantly cloud-based architecture with the confidence that on-premises solutions provide.


The benefits of cloud architecture:

 • Elasticity. There’s no need to bring in new IT resources or hardware to handle peak
Economies of scale. In many ways, traditional IT has meant reinventing the wheel for every company. Those days are gone with cloud technology, and Infor Business Cloud makes it available to you in an economical plan.
Economies of speed. The cloud offers a wealth of possibilities for quickly configuring and tailoring software to the requirements of a given industry.
Virtually limitless extensibility. Cloud architecture opens a world of opportunity for extending solutions to meet specific requirements, without having to bring new apps and new skill sets in-house.
Instant on. As business complexity increases, you need solutions that help you move toward standardization and simplification—not just at the application level, but at the infrastructure level as well. Infor Business Cloud solutions make it possible by letting you deploy processes that meet your business requirements, and do it in minutes rather than weeks—even if you’re conducting business halfway around the world.