Infor SyteLine ERP for Manufacturers of Premium Rubber and Plastic Products and Components

What would it mean if you could not only improve the efficiency of your business processes, but reinvent them?

"Five minutes after an event on the shop floor, we're able to make decisions based on the data.” -Kenneth Kemp, IT Manager, Brentwood Industries

You can't meet the particular needs of manufacturing companies by using generic software. At Infor, we understand that your requirements as an industrial manufacturer are unique, so, we've created software that's tailored to your needs. Businesses are not all equal. We believe that one size fits one.

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SyteLine Channel Sales - Easy Quotes for Complex Configurations

Become "easy to do business with".

Infor SyteLine Channel Sales is a comprehensive quoting and ordering system for selling both configured and standard products through all your channels, including dealers, distributors, and/or your direct sales force.

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Survival of the Fastest - Manufacturing Challenge

Duncan Angove is president of products and support at Infor. Here he gives his views on the importance of speed in business.

Infor says speed is a competitive weapon. Why?

We believe that speed—not just scale—is the new basis for competition. It’s no longer about how big a company is; it’s about how fast you can execute. You may never be able to out-scale a competitor, but you can outrun them. Doing something faster than your competition is one of the most important things you can do to stay ahead of the game.

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