Infor SyteLine ERP - Road Warrior 10.2 full demo walkthrough

In this software demo walkthrough, Infor Motion Road Warrior expert Nick Borth explains the exciting features of this essential tool everyone in the field must have!

Infor Motion Road Warrior - Don’t wait to act

When you’re doing business on the road, you can’t be slowed down by lack of access to your back office systems. You need current information anytime, anywhere, along with the power to make decisions quickly and take action immediately while you’re on the move. Infor™ Motion Road Warrior brings information to where you and your customers do business—on the road, at the airport, wherever the opportunity exists.

Powered by the same Infor ION technology that connects the rest of your business solutions, Motion Road Warrior lets you get work done on the move, then helps you pick up where you left off when you get back to the office.

Road Warrior gives today’s mobile sales professional access to critical customer data in a convenient mobile form with quick, robust capabilities that rival its desktop counterparts.

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Barcoding - So Easy, You Already Do It, Don't You?

Manufacturers, its time we take a serious look at barcoding. Think about it, every time you visit a grocery store you see dozens of people scanning their own groceries.  Why?  Because it's faster.

The age old adage of "time is money" is happening right in front of you, and it's not limited to grocery stores anymore either - I've even seen people using barcode scanners at the lumber store.

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